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We contribute, Not ask

Our life was inspired by the truth experiments to find out FAITH & MERCY of Jesus Life on earth for 7 semesters (~ 3.3 years) during his last life before his returning to his Father heavenly kingdom. 


Elim Lab.

Elim LaboratoryDesinged to be as PERFECT as GOD

Your understanding shows your bright future: CAMPUS AS A PLACE FOR MAKING INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP

Lecturing by using handphone (watch my explanations)

Hi everybody, here is HENDRY iZAAC ELIM (Elim Heaven).

I am a simple leading physicist from a small island of Ambon

located in ~1344 small islands province of Maluku in

Eastern part of Indonesia.


Fisika itu apa sih ? (My Video explanations)

Elim mobile lab  Watch his explanation

My job is to educate my simple students to be

a perfect leader one day in their hard work fight

Hopefully you guys get inspired in

this pure sharing of

our way, truth and life. Prof. ELIM (URL)































May God bless you all.

Hendry (the king of kings)

Izaac (The only official son of prophet Abraham)

ELIM (Exod.15:27; 16:1)


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